10 Fundraising Ideas to Have Fun with Your Kids

By Kim Fox

Are you looking for a way to teach your child about helping others? You’re not alone.

Many parents today seem to be dealing with children who haven’t quite internalized the concept of doing for others just for the sake of feeling good inside.

Let’s face it. Many of our children today have a “What’s in it for me?” attitude. Thankfully, by incorporating some fundraising ideas for kids into your already great parenting skills, you will help teach your child the value of helping others less fortunate in this world, plus, you can actually have fun as a family with these fundraising ideas for kids.

First things first:

When deciding to do some fundraising with your kids, the first step needs to be choosing an organization to denote your collected funds to.

There are numerous organizations that are always in need of private donations.

One example is the American Heart Association. This organization is funded solely by private donations. Their goal is to reduce cardiovascular disease and strokes, which is the number 1 killer of people in the United States of America.

Another example might be the American Dental Association. This organization needs funding in order to continue helping children from low income families with free oral health education, screenings, and services. This is a great cause.

Now you don’t necessarily have to choose a national organization to donate your funds to.

There is always a need for private donations in your local community.

For example, there may be a local women’s shelter that needs funds to help women and children who are in need of a temporary home after escaping domestic violence. Often times women and children leave a dangerous situation with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, so they need basic necessities such a toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc... when they arrive at the shelter.

Another local group that may need funds is a local church. Many times churches are asked to step in and help others who may have lost their homes in a fire or who have had a medical scare that has left the family in financial despair.

No matter which organization or group you choose to donate your funds too, the people you will be helping will be forever grateful.

Things to remember:

When conducting fundraising of any kind, there are some guidelines everyone needs to follow.

  • Safety first – Since this is a family affair, this should be an easy one, but your children need to be supervised at all times.
  • No door to door selling unless you are there with your children.
  • Use the buddy system if selling to homes and never go inside.
  • Any money collected by your kids should be handed over to you immediately for safe keeping.
  • Never carry large amounts of cash with you.
  • Don’t go out after dark.
  • Don’t talk to strangers.
  • Try to keep your fundraising to friends, neighbors, relatives of co-workers.
  • Never reveal any personal information such as cell phone number, age or home address.
  • Before you begin, set a goal amount and a beginning and ending date.
  • Advertise on your social media accounts, make flyers to hand out in your neighborhood or at your workplace, and include your event in any local newspapers or community newsletters.
  • Always say “thank you” even if the person is not able to contribute at the time.
  • Have fun. Fundraising for kids is a great way to teach kids about giving, sharing, money management, and social awareness. Even though all of those things are serious issues, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the process. Fundraising for kids can be fun for the whole family if done right.

1. Car wash – this is an excellent way to raise funds for your cause. Many local establishments will allow you to use their water for your car wash, so you’ll just need to provide the soap, rags, and muscle power.

fundraising ideas for kids

You can also hold a car wash in your own driveway, so no one has to leave home. If you choose this route, advertising will be key to get the word out. Be sure to lock your house and don’t allow anyone but family members to go inside for any reason. Remember safety first!

This idea is also best done in the summer months, depending on where you live. The water will be cold, and if you’re having fun, the whole family will probably end up soaking wet by the end. That’s ok. It’s part of the easy fundraising ideas for kids.

2. Full Service Gas Station – this idea is also so great because it doesn’t cost a dime.

Simply find a gas station in your area that is willing to let you offer your services to fuel customers.

When cars pull up at the pump, politely inform them that you are raising money for your chosen cause or organization and offer to pump their gas and clean their windows for them while they stay in their cars.

Since supervision is key, you jumping in to pump cash and wash windows will help make it a fun fundraising experience, and your child will be in your constant view.

Don’t expect a donation for your service, but thank each person for any funds they are able to donate, including spare change. You will be surprised how quickly the coins can turn into big money.

3. Yard work – this is a really good fundraising ideas for kids if you live in a subdivision.

Kids fundraising

Since most people work outside the home these days, lawn care sometimes gets pushed to the back burner.

Scope out your neighborhood in advance, maybe on your evening walk as a family or on a bike ride trip one afternoon.

Make a list of homes that look like they need a little tending and what things need to be done, such as mowing the grass, weeding flower beds, trimming bushes, etc…

Make a flyer offering your services. Again, it’s best not to set a price. Count on your neighbors to be not only thankful for your service, but supportive of your cause and will donate as much as they are able.

4. Baby sitting – this ideas is great if your children are at least 13 or older.

It is also a great idea because you will be there with your child, no matter if your clients bring their child to your home or have you go to theirs. Either way, the tasks will be shared by the whole family and playing with babies can be such a fun thing to do. No one can resist the laughter of a small child.

Again, it would probably be best to limit this service to friends, neighbors, relatives, or co-workers, especially if they prefer to have you at their home. I can’t stress it enough… safety first.

5. Garage Clean Out Service – now this is one I sure would take someone up on if I could.

I don’t really know of anyone who enjoys cleaning out their garage, but since things just seem to get dumped there over time, it must be cleaned out from time to time.

This would be a great weekend fundraising idea for kids because the only thing it requires is muscle power. Since parents are involved, mom and/or dad can help with the organization part.

Turn on some music and let the fun begin.

You might even come across some things the owner would like to get rid of, but you think you might could fix up enough to sell it at a future garage sale. Yeah for you!!!

6. Santa pictures – this is a super easy fundraising idea for kids.

Easy fundraising ideas for kids

Pictures with Santa are a huge money making project.

Get someone in the family who is big and tall (dad, uncle, cousin, etc..). Rent a Santa suit or do come calling around to schools and churches to see if they have one they will loan to you for a night or two.

Choose a location such as an outdoor shopping center, the grocery store, or a fast food restaurant. Just anywhere you know many people with children will be visiting.

Promoting this project will be the key to this success. Get those flyers out, hit social media, and you could even have an “elf” with a big sign advertising Santa pictures on the big day.

This can also be super successful at Easter. Kids love to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny.

While the adults are taking turns playing Santa or the Easter Bunny, someone in the family needs to be the photographer, someone needs to be collecting donations, and someone should be directing the line since we are counting on big crowds for this fun fundraiser for kids.

7. Buy a carnation – this is a great fundraiser for kids near Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

You simply purchase buckets of different colored carnations, find a fast food restaurant who will let you work the drive through line, and you’re in business.

You don’t have to advertise this one very much. People are going to drive through McDonald’s or Chick Filet all day long, and it will be perfect for that person who has forgotten all about the special day, but now has a chance to save the day because of you.

Win-win for everyone. And since you just helped save the day for these procrastinating individuals, they will donate a pretty good amount of cash to your organization because you most likely saved them from getting into big trouble when they arrived home empty handed that night.

8. Dog walking service- this idea goes back to those people who work all day and have pets.

You can offer dog walking services to people during the day while they are at work or if they are just too tired after a hard day at work, you could save them time by taking Fido on a walk around the block.

A little play time with the pets will help get the dogs ready for bed early and your clients will thank you. Plus, playing with dogs, releases your feel good endorphins, and we could all use more of those these days, right?

9. Dance Party – this is a fun fundraising idea for kids.

You need to decide on a location; your garage, a local school gym/cafeteria or parking lot, or, maybe even a community center.

Market, market, market this fun event.

Arrange for someone in your family to play DJ.

Offer concession items for sale at the dance such as sodas, water, candy, chips, and even hot dogs if you want to go that far.

The money should come pouring in because everyone loves a dance party, and they will all get hungry and thirsty from all that dancing. So between your cheap ($1 or $2) entry fee and your concessions, you’ll be raking in the donations.

Be sure to display who you are raising money for all over the area. People will give more if it’s for a great cause, so don’t forget to have a donation bucket or two stationed at the front door and near the concession stand.

10. Dunk Tank – this one is best done in the summer just like the car wash, but it can be a huge donation maker.

Fundraisers for kids

Rent a dunking booth or ask if someone would be willing to donate one since it for a great cause. If you are really handy, you can probably construct one yourself.

Decide on a great location such as your local school’s parking lot, church lot, local little league field, etc…

Then start lining up a list of volunteers to get dunked.

People to try to get on board are teachers, principals, mayor, city councilmen, high school football coaches, little league coaches, police officers, fire fighters, Superintendent of the local school district, etc… As high profile figures as possible are who you want.

If you are lucky enough to live near a professional sports team, call us their marketing department and see if any of the players would be willing to help out your cause by getting dunked. The more well know figures you have to offer up as targets, the more money you will make.

And finally:

As you can see, there are lots of fundraising ideas you can do to have more fun with your kids, and many don’t even cost you a dime.

And remember, you are teaching your children life lessons; manners, creative thinking, the importance of helping others, and you are bonding as a family which is critical these days especially when everyone has their faces glued to a smartphones 24/7.

So choose a great cause, set your goals, organize the details, advertise away, and get ready for the big day.

Your family with have a blast, and you and your children will be helping those less fortunate. That is a gift I wish all parents to give to their kids. After All, these children will end up running our country one day. They need to understand their world and the world all around them. Things can get a little negative sometimes, but one person can really make a difference. Just remind them of Rosa Parks.

Happy Fundraising with your kids!

If you like the above fundraising ideas, please feel free to share it!

Kim Fox

I am a parent and an educator, so anything having to do with children and parenting/teaching interests me. I have an e-book on Amazon called 5 Tips for Parents to Get Their Child Ready for Kindergarten.

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