An Easy Meal Plan Solution Review for your Healthy Kids

Having healthy children begins by feeding them with a balanced diet which includes given them food from all groups. Kids who eat healthy diets are often energetic and healthy. They are less likely to be overweight, and they do better in school.

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It is not easy to feed an active family with a nutritious menu and especially if some of them are picky. Below are kids friendly plan that will help you to keep your kids healthy.


We should all know that breakfast is one of the most crucial meals in a day for the kids. Below are important points you should know about breakfast:

  • It have been proved that children who take breakfast meet their recommended dietary mineral and vitamins intake
  • Children who skip breakfast are not able to make up for any nutrients they lose at other meals in a day
  • Eating a healthy and well-balanced breakfast affects the academic performance and cognitive function of the child positively
  • Studies show that taking breakfast decreases the likelihood of becoming overweight
  • On top of the contribution that a good breakfast makes to the physical body, it also support mental alertness and emotional stability
  • Breakfast also helps to consistent energy intake and promotes regular meal patterns
best kids breakfast plan

An Ideal Breakfast for kid

A proper breakfast for children should have a lot of whole grains, fiber, good fat, some proteins and some sugar added to them. Below is some of the most recommended breakfast for kids.

  • Cream cheese with whole grain crackers
  • Cheese sticks with fruits
  • Unsweetened kefir
  • Scrambled tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Yoghurt, cold cereal or hot cereal with nuts
  • Hummus on corn tortillas or whole grain
  • Natural meat like turkey bacon, lean pork chops or breakfast steaks
  • Burritos with beans or eggs and whole grain tortillas with cheese
  • Nut butters
  • Refried beans spread on Tortillas or whole grain toast
  • Cottage cheese with berries and unsweetened yoghurt
  • Eggs cooked in either way you prefer
  • A combination of breakfast plan can include
  • Whole grain toast + sliced strawberries + cream cheese
  • Hard boiled eggs + fresh fruit + whole grain crackers
  • Smoothie + seed butter or dollop of the children favorite nut

Kids’ healthy lunches

It is not a must for children to have jelly and peanut butter. Other healthy recipes for kids are quite easy to make. These foods include noodle bowls, pizza quesadillas, fruit kabobs and sandwiches.

Ideas for giving lunch love for the kids

  • You can include a joke, cartoon or a special note in the kids’ lunch box. The lunch just like breakfast should have a little natural sugar mainly from fresh fruit, a veggie, healthy fat, some protein, whole grain and lots of fiber.
  • Expose your children a flavor they have not had before every week. This could be something they have not had in a while, or they have not eaten before.
  • Use some fun shapes to make your foods. For instance, you can have fruits cut in different shapes like squares, circles or triangles, sandwiches from various shapes and interestingly shaped and colorful pasta.
  • Children love everything mini, and they find it fun. Serve the kids food in miniature like cheese cubes, pot stickers and whole grain bangles.
  • Give children things they can assemble by themselves. For instance, children love to stacking, dipping and rolling their foods up into some fun treats.
kids lunch ideas

Recommended lunch foods for kids

  • Chocolate almond butter with some graham crackers
  • Smoked salmon, cucumbers and cream cheese on mini bagels
  • Spinach Wrap and Hummus, string cheese, cherry tomatoes and any bite sized fruit
  • Vegetarian brown rice with ponzu sauce or shushi rolls with soy
  • Whole wheat crackers to be eaten with pickle spears, hard boiled eggs, and roasted turkey
  • Cheese triangles with whole wheat crackers and pepperoni for stacking
  • Tuna salad with carrots (grated) served in a pita or with crackers
  • Fresh Pico de gallo, cheese wedges, black beans and baked corn chips
  • Whole wheat tortillas that have been spread with peanut butter sprinkled with dried cherries or raisins rolled up and cut into two

You are advised to involve the children in prep work for them to have more interest in taking their lunches. Also, give them the freedom to arrange their lunchbox. It is best to do this during the weekends or the night before so that you can avoid delays in the morning.

Dinner for kid

It is always good to take dinner with your children. Family dinners have more benefits than the nutritional value you get from the foods.

Eating food with your children helps them to develop better eating habits. It gives the parent the control over the quantity and the quality of food that the kid will take. This is also a great way for you and your kids to regroup and relax.

Recommendation for healthy dinner eating on kids

  • Do not pressure the kids to clear the plates. Fullness should not be judged on the visual cues but the physical cues
  • Let the children serve their dinners as early as five years so that they can be able to regulate portions themselves
  • Help the kids to eat until they are satisfied but not stuffed
  • Serve the kids with sensible portions for them to know that it is not normal to be supersized
healthy dinner with kids

Making dinner a group effort

  • Turn off the television, phone and any disturbances and play light and soothing music if you choose
  • Mix homemade and store prepared foods so as to save time but ensure that you provide a complete nutrition
  • Cook several meals during the weekend and freeze them or refrigerate them so as to reheat it during the week
  • Learn to use a slow cooker or pressure cooker so as to make the cooking easier. When you get home, you will find a meal ready for serving
  • Set the table elaborately, and you can ask the kid to help you in setting the table
  • Set specific times and days in a week to have family meals and stick to them.
  • Have you kids or any other family member to check out online recipes and cookbooks and let them choose a new recipe to try out
  • Every family member including the kids should be given a day to choose the menu

Dinner ideas for kids

  • Vegetables with Noodles and rotisserie chicken

This is a convenient and comforting quick dinner idea for kids. Having a rotisserie chicken that is store bought and other shortcuts will shorten the time required food preparation.

  • Quinoa one pot supper and sausage

This is a good meal when cooked in cider with hearty greens, dried cranberries and smoked sausage.


Coming up with some new and creative ideas to satisfy the tastes of your kids and provide then with the required nutrition is a challenge but not impossible. Above you have some of the meal ideas with healthy ingredients and also make them excited.

You can take the kids once in a while to the grocery for them to point out the things they would love to eat. Either the food is packed or enjoyed at home ensure that you come up with the Kid friendly meal plans that are tasty and keep them healthy.

At last, don't forget to take action on the above meal solution and enjoy with your Kids!​

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