How to cut boys hair with clippers to save money

Cutting my boys hair with clippers at home saved me a lot of money and was the best thing that happened to my husband and me.

Toddler boys and Haircuts? Do they even go together?

I know you must be rolling your eyes at this statement, you probably even won’t believe me too. Let me then, share my experience and hope to change your viewpoint.

We dreaded taking our boys to the salon. The salon visits meant wrestling matches of trying to get them to sit in the chair and have their hair cut, bribing them with candies, stares from other people who would come to cut their hair and a lot of reassuring to both the boys and the hairdresser (who would freak out seeing the boys yell and cry).

The end result - a weird looking haircut, a cranky toddler, tired parents and a $20 bill for each of these visits. Let's do the math ($20x 2 boys x 12 months = $480 a year)

These visits were not only expensive but sucked the life out of us. So much so we stopped visiting the salon and let the boy’s hair grow, until someone told me "How cute your little girl is!"

We were dreading the salon visit, until some of our friends suggested cutting the boys hair at home and we gave them the "I don’t know what you are talking about look “.

And so, one of my friends showed me the hair cut she did for her sons at home and lo and behold though it was not perfect, it was similar to what the salon lady did and that’s when I decided to give it a try.

The first few tries of haircutting at home, I honestly must say were a learning phase, we didn’t go out until the boy’s hair grew up.

And even if we were forced to go out we covered their hair with hats and got back home quickly.

I am sure many parents out there relate to my experience.

Eventually after a lot of trial and error, the boys now sport better haircuts and have subsequently become comfortable with the experience, this in turn has saved us some reasonable amount of money.

Boys are generally full of energy and have a hard time sitting still. However, captivating their imagination and making them believe that haircutting is a part of a play goes a long way in ensuring that they remain still during the haircut.

I therefore, would like to share some tips on toddler boy haircuts and ways to avoid haircutting be a dreadful experience.

Some Things that you would require for cute toddler boy haircuts would be as follows:

toddler boy haircuts
hairstyles for boys
  1. Scissors
  2. Comb
  3. Clippers (I bought a Wahls Color Coded Haircutting Kit from Amazon for $21 and it was indeed a worthy investment).
  4. 2 Capes (I prefer to use an old bedsheet, pinned around their neck. Another thrifty idea would be using a trash bag like a cape by making a hole in the center like this )
  5. Lots of newspapers
  6. Phone/Tablet placed in a zip lock
  7. Candy/Lollipop

Before, I explain how I went about doing my toddlers haircut, I would want to put across some Pointers that helped make haircutting less terrifying for the kids and easy for us grownups too.

  1. Haircutting needs to be done when their tummies are full and before nap time. This way you have a less cranky toddler. (Time, post their breakfast suited us best.)
  2. You need to be fully rested and well fed too, trust me, this is important. Make sure you get a proper night’s sleep before you venture to cut your toddlers hair. A wailing child can get to you at some point, therefore it is important that you remain extremely patient and reassuring.
  3. It is important to place your phone/tablet in a zip lock before you use it to distract your wailing toddler while haircutting. This way you will avoid the baby hair getting into the nooks and corners of your phone case/tablet case.
  4. Place lots of newspaper on the bathroom ground (we did the haircutting in the bathroom) before the haircutting. That way it’s easy to just scoop out the papers and clear up the hairy mess.
  5. The presence of two adults makes it a lot more easier and ensures a safe haircut being done. (The reason I mentioned two Capes above is because the adult who is holding the child can wear a cape to avoid unnecessary mess). My husband holds my toddler while I got the haircut done or vice versa. Being held made my toddler feel more comfortable as opposed to being put in a chair.
  6. I noticed that haircutting was easier on the boys when they were covered with their cape rather when we just cut their hair, when they were only in their diapers. We made them believe that they were wearing a super hero cape and were superheroes and they were very excited about the haircutting.
  7. Be familiar with your clippers and the size combs. Familiarize yourself with the instructions much ahead in time.
  8. The Wahl’s Color coded haircutting kit was easier to use because I could distinguish the size combs easily and quickly.
  9. Believe, me it does make a difference when you have a fussy and squirmy toddler in hand and need to change the combs on the clipper at super speed.

And now finally getting to the instructions on the Toddler boys haircut:

Toddlers are like slippery eels when pinned down for a task. The haircutting experience becomes simpler and quicker when the cutting task is divided in different sections of their head i.e.

  1. Front
  2. Centre
  3. Back and
  4. Sideburns
  5. In order to get a better understanding of how to get my boys a good haircut, I did a lot of research and the image that spoke to me best was this
cute toddler boy haircuts

Front Hair:

I start with the Front Part of my toddler’s hair when he is all happy with a lollipop in hand and his favorite cartoon in front of him. Every clipper consists of a set of combs which are numbered and these are similar across most of the clippers. Well, getting to the haircutting part, I use number 6 for the front hair.

Center Hair

For the center hair, I use comb number 3, this way the hair remains evenly cut.

Back Hair

For the Back hair, I do a number 2, and give it a clean look by trimming the base with the clipper.


My toddlers perk up and get awfully scared when I use the clipper by the ears. They feel daunted by the sound of the clipper so close to their ears. And so, to avoid them from getting all uncomfortable, I trim the side burns with scissors. Or consider this calming clipper.

cut boy's hair with clippers

It is important that the child be held tight as there is a risk of them getting hurt. While trimming the ears, gently fold their ears as shown in the picture above to avoid unnecessary nicks and cuts.

Some more ideas on haircuts for toddler boys and saving money

  1. Brush their forehead and neck with some baby talcum powder, to minimize the burning /itching that happens when the cut hair grazes against their skin.
  2. And as you keep cutting, keep wiping of the hair from their face and forehead.
  3. Sing rhymes and keep talking to them and reassuring them. They love to listen to our voices and when they are distracted it is easy to do the haircut.
  4. Let them get used to the process of haircuts. Do not give a huge gap between haircuts. Children love routines. The first few times may be hard but it definitely gets easier with time.
  5. Patience pays off, sometimes we may have to do the haircut in bits and pieces, its ok, don’t be upset and don’t give up.
  6. Its ok to hold a snuggly during haircuts. My son would cling to his snuggly through the entire haircut. It gave him a sense of security. We found it unnecessary in the beginning because of the mess. But then realized the comfort of the child was more important than our convenience.
  7. Since our floors are all carpeted, we found it easier to do the haircut in the bathroom. Cut your child’s hair at a place most convenient to you.
  8. Earlier I mentioned that it is safer to have two people when cutting the child’s hair. But if you don’t have the extra help and absolutely need to cut the child’s hair, it is ok to put the child in the highchair or a strapped seat.
  9. Do not let your child eat while cutting his hair. There is a risk of ingestion of hair along with the food.
  10. Mom and Dad need to work as a team together while cutting the child’s hair. Yelling and shouting or panicking in front of the child will scare the child all the more from haircutting.
  11. Some people wet the child’s hair before cutting it. I didn’t because my boys didn’t like being wet and sticky. Once again this is up to you and your child’s comfort.

John Quincy Adams truly said:

Parents out there do not give up on haircutting. It looks daunting but it’s not. Cutting toddler boys hair with clippers at home saves you a lot of money.

Money that you can spend on experiences with your family rather than salons.

And trust me our toddlers don’t even care about the way they look, it is us adults who make a big fuss of it.

Wishing all you Parents good luck on this endeavor and we would love to hear back and know more about your experience.

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Crescentia Mathews

I am a Psychologist /School Counselor and have experience working with Parents and children. I understand the concerns parents have and also understand children and the way they rationalize. As a parent myself, I relate to the way Parents think and when required can share my own experiences.

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