How to Cut Toddler Girl's Hair Easily Without Go To Salon

How to easily cut toddler girls hair, without going to the salon is a question many parents grapple with and sure spend a good amount of time researching about.

Girls are often associated with long hair, cute pony tails, braids, eye-catching hair accessories and glamorous hairstyles.


I have come across many expecting parents, who, even before the birth of their baby girl are already dreaming of dressing their daughter in beautiful outfits and doing up their hair in cute toddler hairstyles.

However, the reality is a totally different scenario for these parents once their babies turn into toddlers.

Because, toddlers, be it a boy or girl are known to have a mind of their own and cannot be forced into things they don’t want to do.

Parents of toddler girls are often heard complaining about how their little girl keeps pulling out their clips and headbands (which their mothers buy with so much interest and delight).

Mothers who eagerly wait for their baby girl’s hair to grow, can’t wait to cut it once their babies turn into head-strong toddlers.

The expensive hair clips and bands that are so painstakingly bought are more than often found on the ground or lost somewhere rather than adorning their baby girls’ hair. Instead, a matter of tangled curls and knots are found making a way in its place.

With one dream already fading, finding appropriate little girl haircuts for their daughter looms large.

When it comes to hair cutting, toddlers can strike panic into the hearts of the bravest parents. You are highly misunderstood if you think toddler girls will remain quiet and docile through the haircut.

Little Girl Haircuts – A Scary Experience, Why?

Parents often wonder why their children are so scared of haircuts? To understand this question let us get to their level and think like toddlers.

Often Parents associate the word cut with something unpleasant. The word “cut “is often related with pain or hurt. For e.g. “Don’t touch the scissors, you might “cut” your finger”.

Toddlers use their parent’s rationalization to understand the world around them. So, when Parents say “Hair-Cut” they imagine it to be something bad or an event that would cause them pain.

Parents don’t realize that toddlers take their instructions too literally.

That is why even before the scissors touch their hair we can see the toddlers yelling and crying.

The solution to this could be the use of a different word. You could explain to your toddler girl that she is having a hair trim instead of a hair “cut”. This way she will not be too scared at the time of haircutting.

Reasons for having little girl haircuts at home rather than at a salon?

  1. Firstly, your home is the most comfortable space your daughter can be in. She will be calm as she is familiar with the place and with a calm toddler you can get a haircut done quickly with minimal tears.
  2. Secondly a new place, with strangers around and unfamiliar instruments like the blow dryer, scissor, comb etc. may cause your baby girl to be on flight mode even before the hair cut starts.
  3. It is not an expensive affair and who would not want to save a little extra money.

There are a lot of websites out there, that explain easy hair cut tips for boys at home but there is hardly any information on little girl haircuts.

And trust me toddler girl haircuts are very different from toddler boy haircuts.

The main requirement for toddler boy haircuts is the clippers whereas, for girls, scissors and comb play a major role.

After some research, I came across two articles taken from here and there, that provided some useful information on toddler girl haircuts and cute toddler hairstyles.

Before, I explain how it is done, let us have a look at the

Essential Equipment needed for little girl haircuts

how to cut toddler girl hair
toddler girl haircut
  1. Chair or a stool
  2. Scissors
  3. Comb
  4. Water Spray Bottle (warm water)
  5. Cape
  6. Extra Pair of Clothes
  7. IPad/phone
  8. Snack
  9. A set of hair clips.
  10. Newspapers to cover the floor.

With the above-mentioned resources, you can give your baby girl a nice trim and cut out the unruly strands and knots and do her hair up in some cute toddler girl hairstyles.

Haircut tips for toddler girls with thin hair

Haircut tips for toddler girls with thick hair

Now that the haircut is done, I am sure you mama’s out there must be already thinking about hairstyles for toddler girls. So, presenting to you some cute toddler hairstyles.

Simple and easy hairstyles for toddler girls

Here are some pictures that will give you an idea about easy hairstyles for toddler girls that can be done in a jiffy.

Tried and tested tips that will make toddler girl haircuts a pleasant experience.

Fear of the unknown brings out the warriors in our toddlers. It may seem frustrating and silly for us adults but in the toddler world, these fears are very real.

And so, to deal with their fears we have to think like them. Here are some suggestions and fail proof methods used by parents to coerce their little She-Ra’s into haircutting.

  1. Studies show that girls are very verbal, use this finding to your advantage. When a situation or concept is explained to them, they tend to adapt and embrace the situation easily. Therefore, talk to your little girl about the haircut, explain to her that you would be using the scissor, spray bottle and blow dryer. This way she will not be too surprised when the haircutting is happening.
  2. Other ways you mentally prepare them is by reading books about haircutting and watching cartoons like this together. These are some great ways to educate your little one about haircutting.
  3. Little girls love role playing. They are often seen clutching their dolls and pretending to be mommies. You may use role playing to ease your toddler girl into haircutting. Let her pretend to be a hairdresser who is cutting her doll’s hair with fake scissors. This way she is not too scared when her hair is being cut in reality.
  4. Take your little girl along with you when you are having a haircut. When she sees mommy or daddy having a haircut, she will be intrigued and will want to have a haircut too.
  5. Before you spray her hair with water make sure she sprays your hair first. This way she won’t be too jostled when you spray water on her hair.
  6. Make sure you use Luke-warm water when you are wetting the child’s hair. Cold water may startle them.
  7. If you do not have a bottle spray, dip your comb in warm water and comb their hair.
  8. Wet hair when dry, tends to shrink, therefore make sure you trim small amounts of hair because if required more hair can be cut later but the length cannot be added back.
  9. It is okay to bribe your toddler with your phone or IPad when you are cutting their hair. When distracted they tend to be less squirmy.
  10. Before you start cutting your toddler’s hair, make sure you cover the area with newspapers or an old bed sheet. This way it is easier to clean up the mess.
  11. Toddlers love bright colors and colorful pictures, entice your child for a haircut by getting her a bright princess cape, which she can specially use for haircuts.
  12. Another idea would be sticking a lot of stickers of your daughter’s favorite character on the cape. By the time, she is done exploring the stickers, the haircut will be done.
  13. Sometimes, our toddlers will find it hard sitting on the chair. Get creative and pretend that you are their chair. Toddlers will love being held by a parent and the haircut will go easier on them. It is always useful to have extra help around.
  14. The person who is holding the child may cover himself or herself with an old cloth, this way it is easier to clean up the mess.
  15. If the child is too squirmy, the extra help i.e. either the father/aunt/grandma can hold their head gently. Holding them tight may cause them to panic and wriggle all the more.
  16. Sometimes, tiny hair may tend to seep through the cape and your child may be uneasy after the haircut. To prevent this, bathe the child immediately after a haircut.
  17. Letting the child hold a favorite toy or blanket also helps them stay calm through the haircut.
  18. Toddler girls are fascinated with nail paint and makeup accessories. One parent shared that he painted his toddler’s toe nails while his wife cut their daughter’s hair. Isn’t that an amazing distracting technique!
  19. One parent shared that she applied some eyeliner to her toddler’s eyes and told her daughter that if she cried during the haircut her makeup would get ruined. End result a quiet toddler and a smooth haircut. Smart Mom!
  20. Bribing them with candy helps, but make sure you give it to them after the haircut is done because there is a risk of hair sticking to their candy.
  21. The best solution would be popping some gummies into their mouth and giving them a lollipop/sucker after the hair cut is done. 
  22. The timing of the haircut is very important. Make sure that haircuts are done after naps and meal time. That way you don’t have to worry about a tired and hungry toddler.
  23. Be prepared to do the haircut over several sessions. Because suddenly, out of the blue they may have to poop or pee, or just not want to continue with the haircut. Restart the haircut once again when they are in a good mood.
  24. Toddlers sometimes can be exhausting; yelling and getting angry with them will only cause them to be aversive to haircutting. It is therefore very important that we keep calm and be patient with them through the haircut.
  25.  Toddlers love gifts. Buy your little girl a tiara or a pretty headband and gift it to her after the haircutting is over. This way she will look forward to the next session.
  26. Most important of all keep praising even the tiniest effort she makes. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in ensuring safe behavior during haircuts.

Haircutting a toddler is a tough job but it is not impossible. Toddlers love routine. Keep talking to them about haircutting and let them have haircuts on a consistent basis.

This way they will know what to expect and with time their attitude towards haircuts will improve.

Also, prompt trimming of the child’s hair can help prevent unnecessary matting and knots which when left uncut can be painful while combing.

Doing hairstyles for toddler girls also becomes easy once they get used to sitting still for haircuts.

I hope the above-mentioned methods and suggestions will enable toddler girl haircuts to be a pleasant experience at home, without you having to go to the salon and waste your hard-earned money - Money that you can add and save up for your child’s future and well-being.

Crescentia Mathews

I am a Psychologist /School Counselor and have experience working with Parents and children. I understand the concerns parents have and also understand children and the way they rationalize. As a parent myself, I relate to the way Parents think and when required can share my own experiences.

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