7 Night time Potty Training Tips You Sure Should Follow

night time potty training

Are you struggling with night time potty training? Don’t feel badly.

This is an issue all parents face at some point, but if you follow these 7 tips, you’ll be sleeping through the night, just like you toddler, in no time at all.

Below you will find 7 practical ways to show you how to potty train at night.

A Few Facts

Most children master daytime dryness well before nighttime dryness.

Nighttime dryness is very different from daytime dryness. At night, your child’s success is determined by physiological development. It will happen when your child’s body is ready.

Girls typically master nighttime dryness before boys. That’s not a rule, just a general guideline.

Most children have fully mastered nighttime dryness by age 5. If your child hasn’t, it might be time to talk to your pediatrician.

The “reward system” doesn’t work. Remember that nighttime dryness is about bladder control, not motivation.

Night potty training takes a lot of patience, but your child will get there.

Tips to Help You Succeed

1. Sheet Protector

These are a must have step. Not only will they save your child’s mattress, but if used correctly, can save you and your child some precious sleep.

One really good trick is to use is the layering technique. Put one protector on the bed and then put a fitted sheet on top of it.

Then, put another sheet protector over the fitted sheet followed by another fitted sheet.

If you can make it work, try one more layer. You’ll thank yourself at 3am when you don’t have to change your child’s sheets.

I know this sounds like a lot, but when your child has an accident, you can simply peel off the top wet sheet and sheet protector and tuck your child back into bed since a nice fresh sheet is ready and waiting.

Do laundry in the morning, and prepare the bed again for another round the next night.

2. Limit Liquids

This doesn’t mean your child is supposed to go thirsty. It just means that about an hour or so before your child’s scheduled bedtime, try to limit the amount of liquids they drink.

If your child is really thirsty, limit the choice to water only.

Remember, nighttime potty training is about bladder control. You don’t want to sabotage your child by letting them go to bed with an already full bladder.

3. Prebedtime Potty Trip

Going to the potty right before bed is something most of us adults do. So be sure your child makes a stop in the bathroom before heading to bed.

If they sit on the potty, but can’t seem to go, don’t worry. It’s just a good habit to get into even if they don’t feel they need to use the potty at the time.

4. Postbedtime Potty Trip

how to potty train at nightI

I know this may sound a little strange, but it really works.

Your child most likely goes to bed hours before you do. So, right before you go to bed, gently wake your child to a semi-awake state.

Guide your sleepy head to the bathroom for one more attempt on the potty.

Be sure to keep the lights dim and your voice very quiet so you don’t wake your child up fully.

Then tuck them back into bed.

It’s a good idea to let your child know in advance that you will be doing this so they won’t be startled when you wake them.

If you tend to go to bed shortly after your child, you can always set your alarm for 12 or 1 am to allow your child to make a postbedtime potty trip.

5. Use Pull-Ups

Keep in mind that by the time you try nighttime potty training, your child should have already mastered daytime dryness and be in underwear.

Use pull-ups at night only until your child wakes up dry 3-4 times a week.

You are only using the pull-ups until your child has mastered bladder control. Pull-ups should not be used in place of a diaper.

Be sure and take your child out of the pull-up once they wake up.

6. Big Kid Underwear

Once your child is waking up dry most mornings, you can try putting them to sleep in underwear.

It helps if you make a big deal out of this milestone. Tell your child how excited you are about this step and if possible, allow them to pick out their own underwear.

If they are wearing their favorite cartoon character on their underwear, they will be excited about this step too.

If your child wakes up dry, it’s a good idea to take them straight to the potty. This will keep them from having an accident before breakfast, plus it’s a great habit to get into.

7. Nighttime Waterproof Training Pants

These are great for helping with nighttime potty training.

These training pants are waterproof so they help save your mattress and sheets, plus they extra absorbent, but still allow your child to feel “wet” which is part of the learning process. No one likes waking up to that feeling.

Nighttime training pants aren’t intended to be used to replace diapers or pull-ups.

They have snaps on them for quick and easy changes which we love, especially in the middle of the night.

You Can Do This!​

Remember that potty training at night takes patience, and is all about timing.

If your child is not potty trained during the day, don’t attempt nighttime potty training. You will both just get frustrated, and no one wants that.

And finally, when starting this process; be gentle, praise often, and celebrate success.

Before you know it, your child will be sleeping like a baby all night long, and so will you.

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