10 Best Workouts Your Kid Can Do Easily and Anywhere

You have probably heard that a healthy child is a happy child. Exercise is one of the natural ways to boost your immune system and also get rid of unwanted body fats. The same applies to helping your children stay healthy. It is unfortunate that nowadays our kids are glued to screens playing video games the whole day. This is unhealthy for so many reasons, and that is why you have to motivate your kid to workout.

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Kids workout routines do not necessarily intend to increase their muscles but keep them healthy and energetic all day. Orienting your child to live a healthy lifestyle from a tender age will make it a habit for them. You prevent risking your child to obesity, and other weight related diseases. Exercise also promotes blood flow in your baby’s vessels, and that will eliminate all the unwanted substances like toxins in their body. Self-esteem can also be heightened through a workout by increased levels of endocrine in the brain. Here is some fun kid’s workout that you can do at home.

Orienting your child to live a healthy lifestyle from a tender age, will make it a habit for them

1. Cardio

Start the workout program by combining cardio with other workout routines for flexibility and strength. Cardio burns an enormous amount of fats and calories leaving your child healthy. It is a fun way to start your workout because it prevents your child from getting an injury. You can use skipping rope and dancing for your cardio workouts.

Your child’s bones and muscles are still delicate, and intense workout can cause wear and tear. Cardio exercises like swimming train your child to manage stress and enhance their stamina. Soccer is also a great cardio, and this is why soccer moms are pillars of good health. It increases endurance and your kid’s coordination.

2. Push-Ups

The upper body has the major mirror muscles. Push up is a simple kid’s workout but it requires endurance and proper body coordination. Allowing your kid to train with their body weight is safer than weightlifting. You can do push-ups anywhere in your home. It creates power in the arms and upper back. The strength gained can help them do other workout routines.

3. Squats

Spread your kid's workout to cater for every muscle in the body. It is funny how people workout the upper body and forget about the lower body then they get funny body shapes. The lower body strength and stamina is equally important as the upper body. Squats help build the leg, back, and arms. Train your kid to squat using their body weight with their arms spread out. When they are more comfortable, you can include weightlifting. Watch out for injuries especially when you include weightlifting in your kid's workout.

4. Planks

This is one of the endurance workouts. You ca do it with your child to increase their endurance period. Planks are the safest core strengthening workout. Lay on your belly and stretch out your legs and arms. Then support your upper body weight with your elbows directly below your shoulders but aligned. Then support your lower body weight with your toes. Your body has to be aligned from head to toe and hold the position for some time. Start with few seconds and increase as your kid increases their stamina and endurance. You can add a little variation such as lifting one leg slightly at a time.

5. Jumping Jacks

The areas that are strengthened in this kids aerobics is the arms and legs. We recommend swimming as part of cardio because it helps with coordination. Your kids need proper coordination to perform this routine. Jumping jacks enhances your child’s bones strength since they will constantly try to push against gravity. It is also a fun way to burn calories and exercise their muscles.

6. Burpees

Coordination, strength, and endurance are what you gain with burpees. It is a great kid’s workout to burn calories, exercise the muscles and teach your kid to handle stress. One burpee is a combination of several workouts. Squat and touch the ground in front of you push both feet behind you to assume a pushup position. Drop a push-up and return to feet to the squat position and jump up with your hands stretched over your head.

7. Russian Twists

It works the outer and inner obliques and latissimus dorsi. This is a fun kid’s workout, and they get to use their bodyweight to train. It strengthens the back muscles and the core helping your child to maintain a healthy posture. You do not need any equipment to perform the routine. For your child allow them to sit on the floor with their legs straight on the ground. Tilt their torso to form 45° with the floor. Direct the to rotate only their torso with their back straight from far left to far right making a pause at each rotation limit.

8. Mountain Climbers

This kid’s workout helps them increase general muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility of your child. You also help then burn calories and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Direct your kid to assume a pushup position with their hands beneath their shoulders. With their body fully aligned and suspended with the support of the arms and feet start slow motions. Bring one knee to the chest and alternate the other picking up the pace slowly.

9. Deadlifts

Most become reluctant when they are told to include deadlifts in their kid's workout routines. However, we recommend that you consider including it because it does not have any natural motion that can be harmful. It strengthens the core, back, arms, and legs. The caution will be taken on the weights that your child lifts and their physical health because it combines different joints and muscles.

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10. Lunges

Kids have a lot of fun training with their body weight. Lunges allow your kid to engage different muscle blocks such as hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and quadriceps. It will help your child to tone their back and legs. Keep their torso straight when performing the routine and encourage them to engage the core. Lunges can be modified depending on how comfortable your child is with the routine.

You can determine the intensity of the workout by analyzing your child’s physical fitness, ability to contain stress and age. Use various materials such as exercise app for kids and kids exercise videos get more insight on proper ways to do the workout routines. All the above exercises are safe, and you do not need to have fancy training equipment to perform them. You have to make workout fun for your kid so that they will be eager to work out the next time. In addition, you can change training environment regularly to remove boredom. For example, you can use the playground, your backyard, or sometimes hit the gym together as above video.

Below is a list of suggested kids workout you would do with your kid together:

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