10 Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids that they sure love

Helping your child begin their life with a creative boost will set them in good stead for future development. When a child expands their mind into creative thinking, the electronic reaction in the brain helps them become more stimulated, emotionally, but also with intellect, too. According to the center for arts, the benefits include confidence, social skills and other things could completely change the way a child grows and their chances later in life. Below, I’m going to walk through some of the 10 most creative drawing ideas for kids that they, and you, will love. These will be fun and help the creative side of their brain expand.

1. Paint with Their Fingers and Palms

Step by step drawing
This is always super fun. It’s a great way to get kids to think outside of the box. Maybe set them challenges of creating an animal of your choosing using their palms and finger prints only. They will find this real exciting and it makes them think a little more than having them colour in someone else’s design. If they use the correct colours, then it’s bonus points to them! Make sure you put down some protective sheeting to save their clothes from becoming part of the project.

2. Sponge Painting a Large Piece of Paper

If you have old wallpaper or a large, A3 sized sheet, get your children to go wild with different coloured paints and a clean slate. You could even give them a little area in their room that they can be allowed to paint themselves during redecoration. Giving children boundaries whilst teaching them hard work is a good incentive later in life!

3. Spray Paint for Children - DIY Style

I would never advise actual spray paint for children, but getting together some watered-down paint and a plastic spray bottle could be really fun! All you need is to get a bottle from the local supermarket or DIY store and find an outdoor area for the children. Just be careful not to allow a paint fight to break out, especially if you’re entertaining multiple kids at one time! Keeping an eye on them is paramount!

4. Create a Colorful Collage

easy drawings for kids

There’s not much more fun than creating something new in its entirety, and creating a collage gives you that freedom to use anything at your disposal. You could use paint, colored paper, spare rags and clothes, anything. A cheap way to keep a child feeling occupied and creative, ask them to come up with a design and an idea - this could be collaging scenery, easy to draw animals or a house. The good thing about this is that it’s really cheap, and can be done with things around the house. A real win-win.

5. Invest in Some Crayons

Cheap, cheerful and coming in an array of colours, a crayon set for your children and their friends provides endless entertainment but for a fraction of the cost. Allowing children to explore their own creativity by letting the reins loose on what colours go where, they will learn how to conform - and go wild - with colour schemes. Teach your children how to draw a flower with their own colour ideas.

6. Chalkboard Times

This is a doubly good idea - you can make the chalkboard yourself and you can leave them to their own devices. To make a chalkboard, simply buy some blackboard paint - a few dollars in any store - and apply it to a spare piece of wood. It works just like painting. You could even get a piece the size of the wall and give your children a whole area to play with and create all kinds of wonderful drawing art and crazy creations. It’s easy drawing for kids and easy organising for you.

7. Have Them Draw Out Birthday Cards

When children are young, sending out class birthday cards is an awesome way of connecting with their friends and forming relationships. But how about if they create the cards themselves? All you need to buy some colours and some multi-coloured card and they can decide for themselves what they want to put on the card. There’s loads of places you can find cool drawings for kids to copy from online, and if you’re looking for easy animal drawings why not check out this cool site? There’s plenty to learn there for you and your child which will make them top of the class.

8. Make a Flip Book Story

cool drawings for kids

Flip book stories are sometimes the first types of books children will read. Quick and very fun, they are easy to make yourself (we still do!) - and all you really need to start your flip book is a pen and a pad. Step by step drawing for this is easy, with the main aim to create something simple but fun; they really easy things to draw for kids. Have them sketch something simple page-by-page in the corner of the book, like a person walking or a tree growing, and each page make the movement push on slightly further. Do this for around 20 pages then quickly flick through the story in the corner quickly. You will see how the drawings move like film! This will no doubt provide endless fascination to your child.

9. Create Some Fancy Fonts

As they grow up, children will continue to expand and grow their vocabulary, and you can help them on their way by showing them some cool fonts and different styles of larger writing. Try bubble or block lettering and have them draw out some fun words and titles. You can even use the computer to show examples of how fun writing can be.

10. Host a Party and Make Some Crafts

Craft making is one of the funniest things you can do, and you can combine it with drawing to make some funky designs and creative expressions. Bunting, wallpaper and pictures can all be put up, and your children are just the right people to help. Host a themed party - animals always goes down well - and have them get creative with their memory of what zoo animals look like. Easy animal drawings are always great fun!

I love trying out new, inventive ways to get a child’s brain ticking, and with some of these I know you will to. My favourite drawing ideas for kids are the flip book story making and the spray painting. They’re such unusual but creatively free ways of allowing your child to flourish in a home environment. Go ahead and enjoy some of these ideas on us, we know you’ll have great fun.

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