How to Make Stuff Out of Play-Doh with Your Imagination

Play is an important aspect of every child's life. It offers a platform through which children learn and acquire valuable skills in life. Settling for the best and healthy play for your child is not an easy decision for most parents. This should not be the case as there are many ways in which children can engage in safe play including modelling using play doh. After reading this article on how to make stuff out of play doh, deciding on which play is best for your child will not be a problem anymore.

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What is the nature of play doh and how to use it properly?

Play doh is a modelling compound that is used to entertain children through play as they make stuff out of it in line with their imagination and creativity. This is usually in performing school or home projects. It is a good way of keeping your children preoccupied. Play-doh can be bought from stores, or it can be homemade for those parents who may want a more customized kind of play-doh. Homemade play doh can be prepared as follows:


1½ cup of flour (any flour can do)

¼ spoon of salt

1 ½ cups of warm water

½ spoon of oil

2 spoons of cream of tartar

1spoon of food coloring (optional)


1. In a big bowl mix the flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil and combine well.

2. Slowly add the warm water to the bowl stirring to make sure everything is well combined.

3. After all the ingredients are well combined, place the rough dough on your kitchen bench and knead until smooth. Add flour as you knead so that the final dough is non-sticky.

4. In case you are making colored play doh, add the food coloring into the warm water before adding it to the bowl.

5. For best play-doh creations, the play doh should be used and stored properly at all times.

Tips on proper use of play doh

- Always store the play doh in an airtight container or plastic bag.

- Play doh is meant for repeated use, and therefore lasting creations are likely to crack with time.

- Hard play doh can be softened by adding drops of water and working the doh to the desired texture.

Tools Required When Making Stuff Using Play-Doh

How to Make Play-Doh Cake

Children love birthdays, candles and even cakes. You can, therefore, appeal to their liking by engaging them in making a play-doh cake which is a simple yet fun activity. One of the ways to undertake this is as follows:


3 medium size blobs of play doh (different colors)

Birthday candle

Plastic folks

Pop sticks

Cookie cutters (different shapes)

Plastic Rolling Pin


There is no right or wrong way of doing this since children are always so creative and could have different ways of making a play-doh cake. However,

• Shape one of the 3medium sized blobs into the desired cake shape.

• On a smooth surface, flatten the remaining two blobs using a rolling pin separately.

• Using the cookie cutters of different shapes cut the two flattened blobs and decorate the cake the shapes.

• Place the candles on the cake and sing a birthday song.

Tips for the play-doh cake activity

1. The idea of this whole activity is to make your child feel proud of their work and creativity. For that reason, the play-doh cake should not be anything elaborate.

2. Birthday candles distract many children during the play hence should be brought out last.

3. This activity helps in oral language and motor development.

play doh cake

How to Make Play-Doh Animals

By making play-doh animals, children can use their creativity and imagination to make themselves a zoo right where they are. There are too many animals for the children to be to model all of them hence they can only create them ones the find easy to make and ones that they want to play with. Like earlier mentioned, the point is to get the children to learn and be proud of themselves. There is, therefore, no specific way of doing it.

How to make a play-doh penguin


4 blobs of play doh (different colors) in our case we have blue, orange, white and yellow.


• Roll out a good amount of the blue play doh into an oval shape.

• Cut small pieces of the orange-yellow doh and make the feet by flattening the small pieces of doh by pressing them with your fingers. You can use play doh tools to help you shape the feet.

• Roll out two small white circles for the eyes. Place even smaller blue circles for the pupils.

• Rollout the yellow play doh and use tools to shape an oval tummy.

• Shape out an orange cone for the break

• Roll two small blue ovals and flatten them for wings.

play doh animals

Other play-doh animals will have with them some plastic parts to make them more real.

How to make a play-doh scorpion


2 googly eyes

1 plastic mouthpiece

6 plastic legs

1 broken plastic

Play-doh blob.


• Roll out the play doh and shape it like a snake. The snake decreases in size as you move from head to tail. Play-doh tools can be used to make the shape.

• Fix the two googly eyes on the front part of the play doh

• Fix the mouth piece right below the eyes

• Fix the plastic legs on the right and left sides of the middle of the play doh.

• At the pointed tail, fix the broken plastic.

play doh creations

How to Make Play-Doh Food or Other subjects that children like

Different play doh subjects will impress different children. For example, girls are likely to be impressed by such things as play doh food, cakes, dolls and little play doh families. On the other hand, boys are likely to be impressed by things like play-doh cars, animals, buildings, guns and houses. Since we cannot go through all the things that represent play doh for kids, we will just look at one of them:

How to make play doh pizza and soda


3 blobs of play doh (brown, yellow, white and red)

1 small rolling pin

1 plastic knife

1 small circular cookie cutter

1 straw

Plastic play-doh cutters


1. Making the pizza crust;

• Using a rolling pin, flatten the brown play-doh into a big circle on a smooth surface. Smoothen the edges. The play doh can also be fit into a circular shape to attain a good circle for the crust.

2. Adding cheese

• Using the same rolling pin, roll out the yellow play doh blob into a circle that smaller. Place it on top of the of the bigger brown play-doh

3. Adding pepperoni and other toppings

• Flatten the red play-doh and cut small circles into it using the small cookie cutter. Place the small circles on the yellow play doh.

play doh for kids

For the soda:

• Roll up red play-doh into the shape of a can.

• Using a rolling pin flatten the white play doh blob and cut thin strips using the plastic cutters.

• Use these strips to engrave the name coca cola on the red can shaped play doh.

• Place the straw on top of the can.

How to Clean Play-Doh and store it properly

Play-doh can be a little messy especially when it becomes sticky. We do not expect that children will be conscious about the cleanliness of their surrounding as they play. For that reason, play doh messes are almost a sure thing. However, knowing how to handle, clean and store play doh correctly will give you an upper arm in avoiding these messes as well as solving them when they occur.

Tips on how to clean and store play doh properly

• When playing doh sticks on carpets or clothes, the best way to clean it is by waiting for it to dry out completely. Like earlier mentioned, play doh is meant for repeated use rather than permanent use. Therefore, the play doh will most definitely dry out when left out for some time. Repeated cleaning with soap and cold will remove it completely and fade the stain.

• Play-doh becomes sticky when exposed to heat. As children play, the heat they produce through their hands can easily make the play doh sticky. Wetting it with cold running water from a tap will stop the stickiness and harden it.

• The best way to store play doh is in an airtight container or plastic bag. Lack of air prevents cracking of the play doh.

When to Replace or Buy New Play-Doh?

There is no specific duration of time after which play doh should be replaced and therefore when to buy a new blob or blobs is solely dependent on a person and varies from one parent to another. However, below are some obvious reasons that would prompt replacement of or buy new play doh:

1. When a school project that your child is taking part in requires buying new play doh.

2. When play doh was stored inappropriately and ended up cracking.

3. When your child need additional colored play doh

4. When your child's project needs more play-doh than they already have

5. To increase your child's creativity

Being a parent who has read this article makes you a different kind of parent as now you have an insight on how you can keep your children entertained while using play doh. You will no longer be caught in the dilemma of trying to decide which kind of play you will allow your child to take part in. As a parent, you will able to work your child through some fun projects that entail various play-doh creations such as play-doh cake, play-doh animals, play doh food among other subjects of interest for children as brought out in this article.

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