33 Cool Activities To Do At Home For Bored Kids

Kids often spend many hours playing alone at home during long summers and short weekends, not to mention the many children left alone after school regularly because of parents’ work.

So, what can a kid do that doesn’t involve 3 hours of staring at a screen until dinner? We’ll check it out in our list of what to do when you’re bored for kids. (Don't forget to bookmark this page for your future reference!)

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1. Make Banana and Peanut Butter Monsters

A simple and fun classic snack, these “monsters” are actually bananas sliced about 1” apart with peanut butter or your favorite substitute piped on top using a ziplock or piping bag. Kids can have fun decorating with fruits, candies, carrots, and more!

Try refrigerating overnight and letting the kids decorate them after school.

2. Tape “Tracks” for Trains/Cars on the Carpet

Young children will love building tracks all around the house and then racing their cars and trains. This can be a fun one for families with older and younger siblings; older siblings can build the track while the little ones play with the toys!

This project is low-cost and requires minimal cleanup.

3. Create Sidewalk Art with Exploding Chalk Bombs

Exploding chalk bombs sound messy, right? They’re surprisingly not!

Although this one many take some adult assistance depending on the age of the child, preparation for these bags involves basic kitchen staples and cleanup is as simple as collecting the baggies and washing away chalk.

What to do when you are bored for kids

4. Design Shirts with Paint and Veggies

Playing with food is a really natural and healthy way for kids to get familiar with different textures, scents, and flavors. For this project you can cut potatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, or many other veggies in half, dip them in paint, and stamp the pattern on white shirts.

How many patterns can you come up with?

5. Have More Summer Fun with Ice Chalk

Here’s another experiment using basic household products to have a great time outdoors. Stir the ingredients together, pour in a tray, pop in the freezer, and have a blast the next day!

6. Make Foam Paint

This super recipe will get your kids creating cool new designs with a foam paint that is machine washable and child-safe. The foam hardens overnight, leaving a permanent puffy masterpiece.

7. Create a Box Fort Kingdom

When mom and dad are avid online shoppers, the only reasonable thing to do as a kid is to make use of those cardboard boxes. Imagine all the things you can build! Forts, spaceships, a car, your favorite pet box, anything!

What to do when bored for kids

8. Read Comics

Comics are filled with exciting adventure and fantasy! American comic companies like Marvel and DC have familiar heroes like Superman and Iron Man, and Japanese mangas often celebrate several world cultures or have completely fantastical plots.

Don’t own comics? There are plenty of sources online for reading free comics and mangas!

9. Plant a Garden

Gardens are a great way to learn about nutrition, recycling, and nature. Give your kids some seeds and labels and let them create their own space for growing veggie favorites!

If your children really love this idea, we would suggest saving compostable scraps (veggie scraps, egg shells, etc.) and keeping the cycle going with fresh fertilization every year! Here’s a great resource for composting for a small garden.

10. Learn Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a string figure which is created by crossing a long loop of string between your hands. There are many easy and more difficult figures available online, so once you’ve learned some you can try making your own!

11. Go on a Treasure Hunt

If you live in a building, chances are there’s some loose change somewhere in your environment. Make a game out of finding coins throughout your home or yard and see what you can buy at the corner store!

12. Sew Designs with Thread and Burlap

Using plastic darning needles and colorful thread or your yarn leftovers, kids can quickly turn burlap material from a home improvement store into unique, bright centerpieces. Stretch the burlap over a frame and hang it in the kids’ room!

13. Pick Flowers for a Bouquet

Bouquets add such a nice pop of color to a home. If you happen to have flower gardens, make sure your parents are okay with it before you pick flowers.

Bundle them together with a rubber band and place in a vase with fresh water. Flowers would look great on the dining table or coffee table, or they can be a sweet surprise on your parents’ nightstand!

14. Write or Draw Your Own Story

Take a notepad and pencils outside and come up with the most fantastic story you can think of. Then, draw out your story with colored pencils and act it out with siblings or neighbors!

What a classic way to spend a summer afternoon.

15. Make No-Bake Treats

Kids alone at home can still make delicious food! There are many easy recipes for kids to follow, but some of the most exciting are the desserts.

You might think that cookies require baking but with simple ingredients like nut butter and cocoa powder, kids can safely make and enjoy after-school snacks.

16. Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cubes, those colorful blocks of frustration, are actually very clever puzzles. You may have seen records for how quickly these are solved.

If you happen to have a rubik’s cube around your house, pull it out and try to solve it again using this ingenious guide. Then, time your next attempts and see if you can get faster!

The cube

17. Fill a Memory Box

Someday, several years from now, you or a family member will find the box and you will love checking out the things that were important to you at this age. Try adding books, figurines, and a “letter to my future self,” asking questions you wish you knew right now.

18. Play a Game of Paper Airplanes

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a target board for paper airplanes using just poster board, paper, scissors, a paper clip, and markers. Good luck, airplane warriors!

19. Learn a New Language

Sign language, Spanish, French, and probably every other language in the world are available for study online. If you like anime, you can watch original Japanese versions with English subtitles and learn with the show!

20. Turn the Living Room into a Theater

The living room is a hub of home activity that can easily be turned into a theater for movie night! Rearrange your TV and couch, turn down the lights, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a movie as soon as the whole family is home from the day.

A fun twist on this could be taking chairs and the TV outside for an outdoor movie evening, complete with a few friends!

21. Spend Your Entire Afternoon in Character

Is just being a kid too tough? Too easy? Try being anyone you want to be from when school gets out to dinner time - see if anyone can guess who you are supposed to be!

22. Fold Origami Shapes

Pads of origami paper can be found really cheap at almost any big-box dollar store, craft shop, and often asian marketplaces. These pads usually come with instructions for basic folds so any kid can pick them up and begin creating! Here’s a cool resource: origami for beginners.

23. Dry Flowers in a Book

Pressed flowers are a wonderful addition to any young household. This is a classic project for kids just learning to DIY crafts.

This instructional gives you a few options, but for kids be sure to use a very heavy book that is also okay taking a small amount of possible damage (from the flower moisture).

24. Wash the Car/Dog

Hot summer days can easily be quelled with a little elbow grease! Give your bored kids a bucket, some wash cloths, car soap, and a few towels and they’ll be ready to make your car look new, all while cooling off in the cold water sprays.

Don’t have a car or someone’s using it? Your dog will love playing with the kids, too! Just be sure to use mild soap for a dog’s sensitive skin.

25. Take Apart an Old Phone

Most families have a junk box with old Nokia phones and other outdated electronics. With parent permission, kids can disassemble electronics and try to put them back together again.

This hands-on activity is all about fine motor skills and logical reasoning. Do you know how a radio works? It’s time to find out!

26. Do Some Yoga

Yoga is a perfect way to keep your body flexible and your mind calm. Whether your kids often come home from school in a sour mood or they just had a bad day, yoga is sure to brighten it up and calm their frustrations.

Kids yoga is really popular and can help anyone older than an infant with health and concentration for work or school.

kids yoga

27. Switch Up the Furniture

Sometimes the key to solving at-home boredom is as simple as changing up the environment. Kids can try rearranging furniture in one room, switching out entire bedrooms, or mixing and matching decor and furniture from different rooms.

28. Design a Domino Pattern

Dominos are a common sight around most households, but young kids usually aren’t taught classic dominos games until they’re older. Lining them up and setting them to fall can be a time-consuming and gratifying task. Check out these neat beginner designs and see if you can make your own patterns, like a favorite character or specific shape!

29. Blow Magical Bubbles

Use this awesome instructional to make fantastic shapes and colors with bubbles! This is a perfect activity for the backyard after school or on the weekends.

30. Draw Mazes and Swap to Solve

Graphing paper and pencils are all you need to have an interesting time with this one. All the siblings can draw up mazes using the guidelines on the graph paper, and then you can swap and see who makes it through the maze first.

Try to make the toughest maze ever!

31. Make Sensory Dough

Play doh can be so much more than the stuff you buy at the store; sensory dough is an extremely fun DIY experience that can enthrall the young and old for hours. Some of these doughs may require adult or older sibling assistance, but there are a couple that would be easy for little ones, too!

32. Paste a Collage Together

Gather up magazines, newspapers, tissues, and just about anything else that can be glued to paper because a collage is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. You can assemble a book, frame and hang a large sheet, or even decorate the inside of a tray and use it for knick-knacks.

33. Learn to Knit

Many parents already have supplies for knitting, sewing, or crocheting. These supplies can include knitting needles, crochet hooks, darning needles, and yarn or fabric. The internet has plenty of free instructionals that will help you learn to stitch your favorite styles.


Kids are always going to have bored moments. Many experts believe that children learn at their best in a natural environment as opposed to spending that time on a screen or testing inapplicable skills in a classroom. We hope you enjoy experimenting with our compilation of what to do when you’re bored for kids!

Or you would share your ideas to us on below comment.

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