5 Best karaoke Machines for kids to Sing a Good Song

Most of the talents in children develop during the early stages of a child’s development. If you realize that your kid is interested in music, then it is crucial to give them a platform for growing their talent by getting them a Karaoke machine.

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Karaoke machines for kids provide lots of fun and amazing excitement to the kids. The market has been saturated with a lot of this machines but reading this will guide you to getting the best karaoke machines for kids. Below are some of the best reviewed karaoke machines you can buy for your kids.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Kids Karaoke Machine

Size and portability

First, consider the size of the machine before you purchase. This is one factor that will affect portability greatly.

It is prudent to get a portable machine that your kid will be able to lift from one place to another. This is a factor also advantageous because it will be easy for the parents to carry them when travelling.


The kids’ karaoke machine should be of great quality to withstand the carelessness and the clumsiness of the kids. A machine with higher quality may tend to be more costly, but it will be more durable.

Reduce the chances of going back to the market by getting a high-quality karaoke machine. You definitely do not want to get a machine that will fall apart within the first days after purchase.

Standalone, component based and software based

The karaoke machines are available in three configurations. They have the same functioning, but their requirements and operation differ.

The standalone machines for kids are self-contained. They, however, need to be connected to external outputs such as televisions and monitors.

The component based karaoke need to be connected with a home audio for them to work. The software based machines for karaoke need a tablet or a PC to be operated.


Consider the number of microphones that the machine comes with because the kid will probably want his/her friends to join in the singing. Many of these options will enable the children to have more fun and allow for duets.

Some microphones are wireless, but they tend to be more expensive than the normal. They are however better for the kids will be able to use then when moving around without having to worry about the multiple wires tripping and crisscrossing to them.

Song database and availability

The selection of the songs should not bother you much if the machine is meant for a small child. It should, however, have the ability to get updated as the kids grow up and get more exposure to music.

Output of the lyrics

This is another major concern. There are karaoke players that have the lyrics of their output available for playing on inbuilt LCD screens. The quality of the displays varies in a great way, and the baby should be able to read it without struggling much.

Apart from been a source of fun the machine should also be able to improve the reading skills of the child.

Format of the music

For the kids to have maximum fun, they should be able to sing along with the children karaoke machine. You should ensure that you get the newest version of MP3+G files since they have simple words that the kid can sing and read along with while singing.

Reviews of The Best karaoke machines for kids to sing a good song





Is portable

Editor's Rating


Kids MP3 Player Karaoke Machine 2 Microphone, Built-in Music Storage, Bluetooth/MP3/AUX Connection

11 x 9.8 x 3.4 inches

1.6 pounds



VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio

4.3 x 18.5 x 11.9 inches

3.9 pounds



VTech Learning Tunes Karaoke

9.8 x 10.3 x 4.4 inches

1  pound



Frozen Disco Ball Karaoke, KO2-06027

14.8 x 9.7 x 8.5 inches

5.5 pounds



Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones & Adjustable Stand, Music Sing Along with Flashing Stage Lights and Pedals for Fun Musical Effects

17.8 x 10.9 x 2.8 inches

2.4 pounds


1. Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones & Adjustable Stand, Music Sing Along with Flashing Stage Lights and Pedals for Fun Musical Effects

karaoke for kids

This Karaoke machine changes the format of many karaoke machines you will find online. You can use an AUX cable with this karaoke machine to and connect it to your smartphone for the kid to sing along.

It has a unit stand of 40 inches tall when you extend it to the fullest. It has two mimics that come along with it thus the child can sing together with a backup singer.


 Inbuilt entertainment 

It has various types of dancing tunes which take tuning to the next level. Pressing the pedal on the right foot will applaud the talent of your child, and they can add more tunes by pressing the pedal on the left foot.

● Flashing lights 

It has multi-colored flashlights that are built in that show when the kid is singing.

● Speaker assembly and handle 

The speaker is lightweight, and it has a handle that you can use to carry it around with much ease. This will be perfect for the baby can carry it along when still singing.

● Two Karaoke microphones 

There is an extra standalone microphone that can be used by the Childs play partners. They are adjustable to reach the size of the baby.

What We Like

  • The pedals make the singing more interactive and fun
  • It has a light show with multi-color

What We Didn't Like

  • It does not plug in and thus uses batteries
  • The sound quality is questionable

2. Frozen Disco Ball Karaoke, KO2-06027

Children’s karaoke machine

The Frozen Disco Ball Karaoke, KO2-06027 comes along with a lyric book and a CD+G that have two hits. The karaoke machine for kids has become popular, and they are selling rather quickly in the market.


● Design 

This karaoke machine has a slightly futuristic and cool design, and it will last for a longer period.

● Two microphones 

Each of the two microphones in the machine has different volume control and separate jacks. The children can have fun together, and the separate volume controls give a platform for one child to play the lead while the other plays a backup position.

● Built in Speakers 

The Disney karaoke machine comes with powerful speakers for the kids to use. On top of this, you have an option of directing sound to another external speaker when you need more sound especially when holding a party.

● Colorful flash lights 

This flashlight makes it more fun for the kids when in a party. The only thing you should do if to turn off the lights and get the room to life with the flashlights.

What We Like

  • It has a fantastic design
  • Flashing lights and vocal effects
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Inbuilt speakers that is ready to use

What We Didn't Like

  • Limited options for connectivity
  • ​CD only contains melody
  • "Let it Go" may become monotonous leading to boredom

3. Kids MP3 Player Karaoke Machine 2 Microphone, Built-in Music Storage, Bluetooth/MP3/AUX Connection

kids karaoke machine

This karaoke machine for kids is made especially for young children, but it also has technological advantage. It has Bluetooth that allows wireless connection and USB ports for using flash drives.

The machine is programmable, and thus it gives you a platform to choose some tracks for the kids and the order in which you will have them. It can either be powered by four AA batteries or with a micro USB.


Two microphones 

This enables two children to sing along as a duet with the sing along CD player. The microphones have separate volume controls, and thus they can be regulated differently.

● Inbuilt music storage 

It has an SD that stores one 100 songs, and you can easily replay your best songs. You can also use a USB or Bluetooth to stream other music from other sources.

● Independent volume control 

The microphones have separate knobs for volume control. A different knob also controls the MP3 player's volume.

● Two power options 

The karaoke machine can be powered into 2 ways. You can use the 5V USB cable or use the 4 AA batteries.

● Built for kids 

It is designed in a manner that it can last in the hands of kids. It is easy to carry around and highly durable.

What We Like

  • Two options of power
  • Fully programmable
  • ​The Bluetooth, SD card and USB input allows you to use your audio files
  • L​ightweight and easy to carry around
  • Durable even when on the hands of the kids

What We Didn't Like

  • Microphones are hard-wired and cannot be replaced
  • The IOS devices cannot connect through USB
  • Moderate sound quality

4. VTech Learning Tunes Karaoke

Hello Kitty karaoke machine

This karaoke machines for kids have 15 karaoke songs. They help children to learn how to sing in their best way. It has three modes of play which are fun songs, numbers and letters.

It has four changing effects on the voice and thus adding an extra fun element. It also has an LCD screen where the kids can be able to see the facial expressions which are related to the song’s lyrics.


● Use 3 AA batteries

● It has small parts and long cords

● Have four voice changing effects that the child can use to sing along

● Play in three modes which are fun songs, numbers and letters

● Have 15 karaoke songs

What We Like

  • Acts as a tutor to your kids
  • It is easy to use
  • Lightweight and thus easily portable
  • It is cost effective

What We Didn't Like

  • The microphone will only work when there is a song playing
  • The kid is supposed to sing louder than the playing song so as to hear their song
  • The quality of the sound is not that good

5. VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio

Disney karaoke machine

The VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio is one of the best options to buy for the kids who love music. This would be such a great gift to buy a kid during their special occasions like a birthday or Christmas.

It gives the child a platform for creating and recording their music. The karaoke machine has their voice and has over 40 melodies and songs. There is also available instrument sounds on the keyboard. It is best for children between 3-6 years but can also be used be used by 12 years old kids. A little kid will adore getting this as a gift.


● Scratch disk 

It comes along with a scratch disk used for making music mixes.

● Free play option 

The free play option in the karaoke machine allows the child to play more than one note simultaneously.

● Microphone 

The microphone gives the kids a chance to have maximum fun as they pretend to be on a show as they play the recorded melodies or their own creations.

The microphone in this kid’s karaoke machine also has a voice changer where the child can change their voices.

● Record function 

The record function of this karaoke machine allows the kid to record the music that they make with pianos or their own recording and can even do both at the same time.

● Built in songs and melodies 

There are songs and melodies built in the machine, and it allows the child to sing along and play by following the lights just as they come on the keys.

● Keyboards features 

The keyboard in the machine has a variety of sound options for the kid to choose. There is the trombone, bass drum, turntable, violin, saxophone and piano among others and they all make the recording enjoyable.

What We Like

  • Expose the child to different genres of music like rock and roll, jazz, electric, hip-hop, classic and techno
  • The keys are consistent, and they will give the same sound every time they are pressed
  • The keys of the piano are well made
  • The microphone of the karaoke machine does not pick background noises
  • B​oth the microphone and the keyboard have different volume controls
  • T​he batteries included are long life
  • Portable and can be carried when going for long trips​
  • It is easy for the children to learn the ways to use it

What We Didn't Like

  • It is not able to save recordings


It is good to nurture the talent of your child as early as possible. With the information given above, we can comfortably say that the work of choosing the best karaoke machines for the kids has been simplified. The karaoke machines above are designed in a way that they can be used by every sort of child.

Karaoke machines are one of the most popular and most entertaining gifts you can buy for your kids. Take your time to study the market and get a machine with features that match with the likes of your kid and get the best karaoke machine for them.

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