5 Best White Noise Machines for Toddler to have Good Sleep

One major problem that many parents face is to make their children get to sleep. At times the baby is unable to sleep due to some noise coming from outside or inside the house, and you need to get a solution for this.

The white noise machines are an ideal way to mask disturbing noises and help the baby to relax. However getting the best one may pose such a challenge. With the varieties in the market, it is important that get the Best white noise machine for a baby that will balance the budget and quality.

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Factors to consider when getting the Best white noise machine for toddler

Type of the machine

The machines can generate white noise in two ways. It can either play recorded sounds or create sounds from the environment.

Every machine has its benefits. The latter tend to be more effective than the former, but it is also more expensive.

Available options

Consider the available features in the different best white noise machines. You may want to get a machine that you can set a timer to control the length of time the white noise should play.

Consider if the machine has blacklist adjustments and any other features that you may want in your white noise playing machine.

Noise selections

Some devices work as both a white noise machine and a sound machine, but some are either of the two. Sound machines play a collection of different sounds while noise machines only play a specific type of sound.

Ensure that the best sound machine for baby you choose has noise profiles that match with your preference.

Size of the machine

Consider a white noise machine that will fit well in your space. This devise is more appropriate if you want to use it on the bedside table or in a small office.

Sound Quality

The quality of the sound produced by the white noise machine is a crucial factor to consider. Consider one that will give you the best results of sound quality.

Clock and alarm features

Choose between a white noise machines that uses chargeable USB battery pack or with a regular AC power adapter that is compatible with other outlets.

Power source

The best white noise machine is one with all these features inbuilt. This ensures that you do not have many devices on the bedside table.





Is portable

Editor's Rating


Skip Hop

5.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches

2.5 pounds



Cloud B

13.9 x 9.8 x 7 inches

1.2 pounds




4.4 x 4.4 x 2.2 inches

1 pounds




6 x 7 x 2.2 inches

0.9 pounds




5.8 x 5.8 x 3.2 inches

1.6 pounds


Reviews of The Best white noise machines for baby to have good sleep

Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine

best white noise machine for baby

This is one of the best white noise for baby sleep that one can use to mask distracting sounds. The fan creates a natural sound that becomes ambient quite fast and later fades in the background.

It works like an invisible fan that distracts sounds before they get to your ears. This best sound machine for baby does not work on looped sound, so it does not distract you.


● Customizable sound

The adjustable and dual acoustic housing give you the maximum freedom for choosing the volume and the tone that will work for you best.

● Totally natural

There are no loops or recordings in this white noise machine. This asymmetrical fan produces sounds with no air disturbances or the usual vibrations and cracking that other fans make.

● Compact

The white noise machine for baby sleep is small, and this means that it does not take a lot of space on the bedside dresser or table and can be carried easily when traveling.

What We Like

  • The machine is durable and sturdy
  • The noise produced by the rushing fan is mild and hypnotic
  • It is energy efficient
  • The two speeds give one freedom to choose between low or high voice
  • It is suitable to be used by the whole family
  • Blocks out most of the noise in both in and out of the house

What We Didn't Like

  • It is not able to block very loud noises such as arguing neighbors and loud bass music

Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother, Owl

best sound machine for baby

This is one of the most amazing best baby noise machines for it gives off a great light. The nightlight soother can pick up from the last song you had heard before it went off.

It has a volume control that helps you to regulate the volume according to your preference. It also has a pivoting lens that is adjustable, and it can be projected on the ceiling or the wall.

This white noise machine also has an auto-off timer that allows you to set the amount of time that you need it to play or even when you want it to play the whole night. The wings of the nightlight soother have fabric speaker wings.


● Have fabric wings as double speakers

● The angle lens are adjustable that projects the stars on the walls or ceiling

● Have dimmable LEDs that produce a soft glow through the night

● Have a glowing night light with a dimmer control

● Plays four melodies

● Have plugs in the standard outlets

● Have a volume control

What We Like

  • It gives a continuous nature sounds or music
  • Moon projection and serene stars
  • Have a dimmable and soft nightlight
  • You have the ability to use the sounds and the lights to your liking
  • You can purchase before you deliver for it is gender neutral

What We Didn't Like

  • It does not give as much light, so it will not give you the comfort of doing other activities just with the nightlight soother on
  • The moonlight is the only thing shown by the nightlight soother
  • The toddler will not be able to intermingle with the nightlight soother

myBaby SoundSpa Portable

best baby noise machine

This white noise for baby sleep is designed with the needs of your baby in mind to assist them in taking healthy naps and deep sleep throughout the night. It is a perfect choice for moving around, and it can spare some tough nights for new parents.


● Automatic timer

This feature gives you the length of time that you want the machine to play just in the case that you don’t want it to play for a whole night. The machine will shut off as soon as the programmed time expires.

● Dual power supplies

You can use the 4 AA batteries to provide the machine with power or use the AC power adapter that can be plugged into a regular socket. This will give you the flexibility to travel with it even to places where there are no power outlets.

● 6 sounds from the recording of natural sounding

You can choose the sounds of your liking from the six available sounds. The natural sound profiles include summer night, brook, ocean, rain, thunder and heartbeat.

● Adjustable settings with a knob and buttons

There are a volume knob and some buttons on the device that enables you to make any adjustment that you require. There are no switches or complicated options and this makes it to be among the best baby noise machines.

What We Like

  • Can be employed by both babies and adults
  • Have genuine ocean sounds
  • It is easy to adjust volumes
  • It’s a great device for training your baby to sleep

What We Didn't Like

  • The heartbeat sound setting is only effective only for some babies and almost not for adults
  • The knob tend to fail after some months of use

LectroFan Jr. - White Noise Sound Machine with 6 Fan and 6 White Noise Sounds plus Nursery Rhymes, White (FFP)

white noise for baby sleep

This best sound machine for baby is best for the people who prefer a range of noises rather than repeating the same sounds every day. It is also an ideal device for those who prefer non-looping sounds to looping sounds.

It is compact and sturdy, and this makes it easy to carry around when traveling. The adjustable levels of volumes can get louder compared to the other types of white noise machines.


● 12 non-repeating and unique sounds:

There are 6 fan sounds that are featured in the device and another 6 white noises to choose from. All these sounds are non-looping and non- repeating, and thus you will not have one voice that is irritating to the ears. 

There are no sound patterns.

● Automatic shut-off timer

You can adjust the timer to turn off automatically at any time that you want. This will assist you to sleep in silence and also avoids the chance that you will get distracted at night

● Volume control buttons

There are three buttons on the device that control the volumes and all the sounds in the device. These buttons are easy to use, and you can make any changes you want immediately.

● USB power cord with an AC adapter

The power is transmitted to the machine by the use of a USB cord. USB is a good option to use on the machine for you can use it when traveling.

With this charging option, you can be able to plug it in a portable power supply or even in the computer to get charged.

● Compact design

It is small and thus can be easily and conveniently packed in a bag when traveling. It is made with a sturdy design, and you should not have any worries about breaking it.

What We Like

  • Ideal for blocking disturbing and inconsistent noises
  • Non-looping sounds that do not repeat
  • Have a large range of adjusting volumes
  • Small, sturdy and great for traveling
  • Featured 18 Nursery Rhymes with Shuffle

What We Didn't Like

  • Few deeper sounds and many high pitched sounds
  • Produce only a limited number of sounds

Cloud b Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep

best white noise machines for baby

This white noise for baby sleep does not only work as a stuffed animal but also as a helpful sleeping tool. This machine differs from the other white noise machines since you can strap to the crib of the child or bedpost it to comfort the baby throughout the night.

It is also possible for you to take the sound controls out when the baby no longer needs child therapy or when you want to clean it. The smart sensor senses when the baby wakes up at night and resumes playing the sound that was playing previously at the previous volume.


● Two timer options

This white noise device has a timer option of 23 minutes and 45 minutes and the sounds turn off automatically after the timer stops.

● Portable

The portability of the device makes it be preferred by many users. It is easy for you to remove the controls to save the power in the battery and then pack the device like you would have done to any stuffed animal.

● Four sound selections

The sound selections of the white noise machine include the ocean waves, whale sounds, rain, and heartbeat.

● Smart sensor

This is one outstanding feature in this white noise for baby sleep. It can sense when the baby wakes up, and it automatically starts to play the sound set previously. This way you will not have to wake up to turn on the machine.

What We Like

  • Detects when the baby wakes up and starts to play automatically
  • Does not disturb the baby in their crib since it is quiet
  • A great stuffed animal and ultra-soft sound
  • Stuffed with the 2 AA batteries that last for a long time

What We Didn't Like

  • It does not have an AC adapter
  • Low sound quality


It is not always simple to choose the best sound machine for baby, but the above information will act as a guide to get just the best. Look keenly during the purchase and identify the features that will work best for both you and your baby. You can be assured that the Best white noise machine for baby will help them get healthy and quality sleep throughout the night. It can also work as a perfect gift to someone on baby shower.

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