Do You Know This Easy Meal Plan Solution for Your HealthY Kids?

It is well known that the performance of our kids is directly impacted by what they feed on. At times parents have got challenges when preparing healthy diets for their kids. It is perfect if we would find an easy meal plan solution for our healthy kids. 

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easy meal plan solution

It is never easy to keep a healthy family, but SHK solution have come with ways to make your life easier as a parent. It offers you a guide to different kid friendly meal plans you can use on your family.

Challenges faced when preparing family meals

Lack of knowledge

Lack of enough knowledge is quite a challenge when it comes to healthy eating. This is not only in the context of knowing foods that are healthy and those that are not but also the knowledge on how to prepare those foods.

Food addictions and cravings

This is also another great obstacle facing parents who want to feed their children with healthy diet. Some kids may be addicted to certain foods, and it becomes hard for them to change the menu.

Other kids will not feed on a certain food id they do not feel like taking it. This becomes a challenge especially if you have three kids with different cravings.


Maintaining a healthy diet is at times very costly, and this becomes challenging at times. This is costly all the way from the cooking equipment you need to make the food to the daily ingredients you require.


This is another great challenge of maintaining a healthy family. Cooking healthy means that you need to take control of what you feed your family.

This also means that you have to spend the time to prepare the recipe and these healthy meals for your family. It at times becomes difficult to get out from work and come home only to start the cooking process.

SKH Solution Review

SHK solution is a system designed to make it easy for parents to bring up fast, healthy, quick and fresh meals. We have seen the various problems and challenges that parents go through when striving to keep a healthy family, but there is no need for further search since we have the solution.

SHK solution was started by two ladies Known as Amy Roskelly and Natalie Monson. One has a degree in health education while the other is a registered dietitian respectively.

They have a passion for active living and healthy eating. They worked together to educate people about nutrition, and they saw that there were a gap and challenge facing families on healthy eating. The aim is to continue helping educators and parents to easier the responsibility of feeding kids with healthy foods. There is a great focus on healthy foods, veggies and fruits meal plans that are delicious, simple and easy to make.

Beneficiaries of SHK Solution

This service is mainly created for parents to make their work easier when maintaining a healthy family. It is not obvious to make kids eat healthy foods and especially if it is not one of their likings.

SHK solution helps parents to train their kids on the tastes and appetites for real foods. It also offers them with delicious meal plans and recipes to prepare for their family and thus making their work easier.

kids friendly meal plans

Key Features of SHK Solution


One problem that parents get when feeding a family is knowledge of what to cook. This can be easily solved by the various types of recipes given.

They explain in detail the categories of food ideal for families and the ingredients needed. They also give a simple recipe explaining the tasty way to cook the meal by saving time and also getting delicious food.

Parents with kids taking special diets should not worry because SHK solution have something for them. They give recipes depending on the specialty of the kids. There is also a guide.

You will also find special recipes meant for holidays. Birthdays, Valentines and other holidays can now be celebrated with delicious and healthy foods.

The recipes are easy to understand and also contain readily available ingredients. Parents should no longer complain that healthy diets are expensive and not fit to the budget.

Meal plans

This is the other thing you will get in the SHK solution. This is the place to be for mothers who do not know what to give to their kids when.

The meal plan in SHK solution considers everyone from the pregnant mothers to the picky eaters. There is meal plan for pregnant women that describe what they should feed on so as to get healthy babies.

Another challenge facing mothers is having kids who are picky eaters. It is difficult to deal with these kids, but with this service, you will be able to plan on how you can change their attitude toward some specific types of foods.

Some kids have allergies to some foods, and this makes healthy feeding rather difficult. SHK solution give a meal plan that ensures that despite their allergies that remain to be healthy like any other kid.

The meal plans here will give you tips on nutrition and guide you on how to fight childhood obesity that has also imposed a challenge to modern mothers.

The meal plans can be found for anyone from small babies, toddlers and teenagers so no one is left out. More to that you will get information on how to introduce your kids to the kitchen and how to ensure that they love the kitchen at an early age.

Free courses

SHK solution provides parents with free courses on how to keep a healthy family. We all agree that knowledge is power. This causes the simple ways that they can use to keep a healthy family from the breakfast, healthy lunch meals and also dinner ideas for kids.

These courses are for free, and there is no reason that you should not take them. Here you get many ideas that will help you feed your family with healthy budgets and overcome all the obstacles that come with healthy feeding.

Other things you can learn are how to come up with a grocery list and easy ways and less costly ways of preparing meals.

Premium memberships

healthy recipes for kids

Apart from the free membership available for SHK solution, there is a premium membership that offers a great advantage. Here you can get new recipes for every meal every day. The members also get a fresh meal plan to use for their families every week.

The members also have access more recipes in the library and that are created with the kids in mind. You will also be able to get your personal recipe where you can put your favorite recipes.

All the meal plans for people with this membership are tailored to meet the needs of the family you can access them any time of the day from your computer, tablet or phone.

Pros of SHK Solution Premium Membership

- It includes printable shopping lists and recipes

- There is new meal plans provided every week

- Every member is provided with a personal box to store your best recipes

- It is mobile friendly

- There are veggies and seasonal fruits in every meal

- Professional dietitians create the meal plans and recipes

- Recipes are made with the kids in mind

- The meal plans include all meals, that is breakfast, lunch, and supper

- Meal plans are customizable, and they allow someone to replace and remove meals

- The shopping list is mobile friendly

- You have access to previous meal plans

- There is a video training course for fast and fresh kitchen success

Customer reviews

People who have used SHK solution have given positive reviews. One expresses the gratitude she gets when she sees that their kids can prepare breakfast and they know the exact places to get the Prepped veggies even when she is not around.

Mothers with picky children say that the meal plans and recipes of SHK solution have been able to expand on veggies and fruits and that have been good for the kid. Another positive reviews how the membership to SHK solution assists her to plan prep and facilitate healthy eating to her family.

FAQ and additional tips

SHK solution can be easily got in their website. There is free membership where you can get most of the products for free. There is also the premium membership that you need to pay, and this enables you to enjoy more additional features compared to the free members. If you first joined for a basic plan, then it is possible for you to upgrade your membership to premium.

Final verdict

As discussed above, we can say that SHK solution are one of the best products that every parent should have. It is the desire of all mothers to get a healthy family but getting kid friendly plans will help you overcome all obstacles that come with healthy eating.

Consider SHK solution, and it will motivate you towards creating a healthy environment for the kids, teach the kids healthy eating habits and also help you to spend less time in the kitchen. Such an easy meal plan solution you definitely need to consider. For details, you would visit SHK solution

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